New PIN Selection for your Debit MasterCard and ATM Cards

Great news!  PSTC has automated the PIN selection process for the ATM/Debit cards.  To activate/set/or change your PIN on your Debit MasterCard and ATM Cards, please dial 1-800-757-9848. In order for the process to be successful, you must call from your phone number listed on your account here at the Credit Union and have your card ready to proceed.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the credit union.



Enhanced Security for your Debit and Credit Cards

PSTC EFCU now has debit cards with chip technology. The embedded computer chip provides more security and wider international acceptance.

A microchip embedded in the card adds a new layer of protection against fraud for purchases made at the point of sale. Information programmed into the chip is personalized for your account and each transaction generates a unique code, adding an extra safeguard against unauthorized use and counterfeiting. These cards are already in wide use around the world and are now becoming the standard in the U.S.

To ensure that all of our cardholders have the additional protections offered by chip cards as soon as possible, we will be replacing all credit/debit cards by date. Once your new card arrives, be sure to activate it for use and then destroy your old card. There is no need to request a new card. You’ll automatically receive your chip card in the mail. There is no charge for the new chip card.

Click here for information on how to use your new chip card.


Upcoming Holidays

  • Monday, October 9- Columbus Day
  • Thursday, November 23- Thanksgiving Day
  • Monday, December 25- Christmas Day
  • Monday, January 1, 2017- New Year's Day

American Income Life

The no-cost member AD&D benefit ($3500) provided by PSTC & underwritten by American Income Life (AIL) is cancelled effective 8/1/2017. PSTC HAS TERMINATED OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH AIL DUE TO UNACCEPTABLE SALES TACTICS. PSTC’S Privacy Policy is posted below.



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